Press Release for Digitization Barometer

Digitisation Barometer Study: Analysis of health care industry in five countries


Now online: the Digitisation Barometer Study in health care ( Aims of the study are 1.) survey of the status quo of digitisation in the health care industry, 2.) identification of current and future developments in selected countries and 3.) increasing the understanding of how digitisation changes work processes and requirements for individuals working in the health care industry.

Digital transformation of health care

According to a Handelsblatt survey from June 2016 among more than 60 opinion leaders, the German health care industry is a latecomer to the digitisation game. However, the industry is in a stage of disruption and transformation, comparable to what other industries have already experienced: Apple, Google and other major players from Silicon Valley are developing new diagnostic and therapeutical methods, new health apps are hitting the app stores week after week, and even the development of the German telematics infrastructure seems to be gaining traction after all. New technologies come with new opportunities, but new requirements for work processes and education of personnel as well.

Survey of experts from different fields within the health care industry

To define the status quo of these changes and predict future developments and requirements, about a hundred industry experts will undergo an explorative survey between November 2016 and April 2017. Results will be analyzed statistically, and the resulting research report will capture potential paths of future development and scenarios for the future.

The study will be coordinated by partner universities in Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Lithuania and Hong Kong, the private institute Hamburger Fern-Hochschule as well as, in the private sector, serapion medical and Management4health.

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